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Most expensive week EVER.

Last week was a ton of fun and absolutely filled to the brim with horse things – which we all know is equestrian-speak for “my wallet weeps.” But we also all know that it is 107% worth it every time.

It started out with an invitation from my co-worker to audit the local Ingrid Klimke clinic that was happening last Saturday and Sunday about 10 minutes from my house. Co-worker’s barn manager’s daughter won a ringside table of 5 for the clinic at a dressage competition, and they gave him 2 of the seats to join them – he offered me one of the tickets and I just about expired from jubilation. My first ever clinic, and it’s with Kween Klimke?! Somebody grab the defibrillator.

I don’t attend clinics because, as you may have noted while reading through my blog, I am hella cheap and when I basically get to choose between boarding my horse or auditing a clinic, I can’t justify the money towards a clinic. Love the idea of them, but just not my financial gig. So when offered the opportunity to audit one of the greatest riders of all time FOR FREE at the RING-SIDE with a CATERED LUNCH (and excellent company, thank you co-worker), I immediately cleared my schedule and basically bounced up and down like I was headed to my first ever riding lesson. Kween. Klimke. *Heart eyes*

She was 2 tables down at lunch and I wanted to touch her coat as I walked by in hopes of being blessed…

The short of it is, she’s just as amazing as you think. The Saturday was dressage focused and the Sunday started with dressage and cavaletti and finished with jumping. I thought that I would benefit more from the jumping day, but I actually took the most notes from the dressage and cavaletti lessons. Now I need to spend even MORE money on cavalletti, blast.

Now, although I did not have to pay for the clinic itself, of course I bought one of her books. (Cha ching). I was very good and did not purchase anything from the tack booths… However Greenhawk chose to have a big anniversary sale that weekend and I really wanted some Woofwear XC boots, so naturally I popped to Greenhawk during the lunch break and dropped some cash on their very pretty Smart Event boots because my mare is the Queen and also practically a senior citizen at 18 and packs me around like the empress she is, so she deserves quality leg protection. Yes. (Cha ching).


Now, all of these beautiful horses riding in the clinic were clipped so wonderfully – shiny, with no visible lines, clean limbs… nothing that I am familiar with because at most I can pull together a very poor trace clip that isn’t even and shows every line I make with the clippers. My vanity was stirred. I had the last hunt of the season coming up the next Saturday, and conveniently my friend/dressage coach clips professionally… You can see where this ended up. Gorgeous full nekkid body clip for Vesper to look like a magnificent show horse instead of her usual “I just came off the plough” vibe. (Cha ching).

It looked like a massacre
But lookit how gorgeous! 😍

Oh, and she’s due for her hoof trim, and since we’re hunting and the weather should be drying up any time now, we should put front shoes on for the spring/summer season! (Cha ching).

I also took this week to sign up for a session with my bestie who is a newly-minted personal trainer at her special discount rate – she kicked my butt in the best way (I paid her back for it when she came with me to the hunt!). (Not horse related, but still: Cha ching).

This all led up to the final drag hunt of the season, which is more Cha Ching but seriously I would spend more than that – it is the most fun you can have on horseback if you like eventing in any way. My personal training bestie also got to come along as they had a couple of horses for rent, which was her first time hunting and her first time jumping in over a year. She was so badass – I mean who meets a horse for the first time and then moments later takes it galloping and jumping in a herd of horses following hounds?! She might kill me for mentioning that she fell off at a fence, BUT she got right back on, and we’re both so sore 2 days later that she couldn’t fight me if she tried. Love you Rachel!

We rode together for basically the first time ever, in a group of like 15, and managed to not get any photos together except a selfie. Knobs.
She fit right in

We got super lucky with the weather, as the rain held off right until we got back to the trailers. I must say that Vesper and I probably looked the best turned out thanks to her BOMB body clip – we received so many compliments from the other riders and I think I could have upped my bra sized based on how puffed my chest was from being proud mamma. I could barely walk the next day (not exaggerating), but it was 1000% worth it. Seriously, hunting is the most fun I can imagine with horses.

Now, because apparently I just can’t seem to cap this, I have booked a vet appointment for the beginning of April for teeth float and vaccines. (Cha Cha Ching). I mean, it had to happen anyway, but seriously this is getting out of hand… Horses, expensive?!

I also need a haircut but maybe I’ll just call my friend and see if she’ll clip me too for super cheap. πŸ˜‚ It’s that or the husband’s beard trimmer I think.

It’s a good thing that my entire May and June will be consumed with theatre – my bank account can finally take a breather.

Quality #mareglare

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